Meet our Artists

From the HeART Gallery, is honored to represent 43 amazing and talented Artists. We focused on talent, creativity and diversity in the artists we have chosen. We selected carefully, making sure all mediums, genres and styles of art have been included in the creation of this all NEW Gallery.

We are pleased to introduce to you our wonderful family of From the HeART Gallery Artists! Please be sure to stop by to see the All NEW space and the beautiful artwork that fills it.

Kevin Jefferies, Photographer and Painter


Kevin Jefferies (b.1961) is an artist, musician, writer, and teacher whose recent visual work has focused on the rich, unique landscape of his hometown. He is drawn to alleys, back roads, dive bars, and other hidden areas in around the island, using his cellphone and Instagram to capture and process the images. The images are carefully arranged formally so that each tells a story. It is up to each viewer to figure out what that story is.

He has exhibited his work in various galleries in the Houston and Galveston area including Lawndale, the Art League of Houston, and Mother Dog Studios. For many years he was Executive Director of the Buffalo Bayou ArtPark, and oversaw the instillation of a sizeable number of temporary public art installation across Houston. He holds a PhD in political science and is on the government faculty at Alvin Community College.


Loida Wexler, Acrylic and Oil Artist

I am an artist who specializes in paintings/drawings in acrylics and oils using various methods such as palette knife, brushes and fluid media.    I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh through his use of texture to convey a sense of realism and movement through his work.  He “breathes life” into an inanimate painting.    Other masters are also admired and studied with their portrayal of light and dark to capture the drama of the objects being represented.

I completed my Masters in International Business from Saint Thomas University and spent 26 years in Corporate America.  All through my life, I have participated in various college level art instructions but I am mostly self taught.


Christina Youdan-Pfistershammer, Watercolor & Acrylic Artist

Christina grew up in Europe in a family with a special appreciation of fine arts. Her mother used to paint in oil. Christina’s graduation subject from high school was “Impressionism”. She considered studying art history and design. Instead she raised 4 wonderful kids and worked for a living in various fields, such as interior design, fashion and more. So painting stayed a dream until she moved to Galveston. Here she began studying under the well known and respected Galveston Watercolorist Sallie Anderson.

Thanks to her great teacher, Christina developed her own style primarily in watercolor, later in acrylics. Her work reflects a serene realism with a touch of humor. Her preference for detail is demonstrated in her paintings of dogs, cats, houses, flowers and even portraits.

Christina converted a part of her home into her private little art studio and is also teaching watercolor classes at the Galveston College.

Debby Brady, Acrylic and Encaustic Artist

Carrie Currie, Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

Her original Artwork can also be found printed onto fine fabrics to make beautiful clothing, scarves, plates, and jewelry

Buried Treasure Photogrphy


Buried Treasure Photography looks for pictures that communicate the beauty of the
coast, the uniqueness of island life, with a bit of seafaring adventure.  We hope our work draws you into the story of the moment — a bird migration, a sunset, a quiet street,
a bridge at twilight, a celebration — to discover the Treasures of the Coast with us.

Contributing Photographers:
Jim Cunningham
Felicity Dodson
Jim grew up in coastal Louisiana and has had a
love for its beauty, wildlife, and culture his entire life.
Felicity knew she wanted to live on Island Time since
she was a teenager sailing on Long Island Sound.
She moved to Galveston in 1990 to study Marine Sciences.

Jim and Felicity connected over the lore of the sea, and a shared love of it’s
history — pirates and explorers seeking their fortunes along the Gulf Coast.
Jim and Felicity now live in the Galveston Bay area.

Jim Hauser, Mixed Media Artist

I bought my first 35mm slr camera in 1964 to photograph my travel experiences on a trip to the arctic.  On moving to Louisiana in the mid ‘70’s photography took on a more prominent role as my vision shifted from traditional travel and nature to more abstract views taken from these same subjects.   In the 70’s and 80’s my work was shown in Baton Rouge and I produced commercial product photography for the offshore geophysical industry.
Moving  to Texas in 1990’s I continued producing traditional  photographs while embracing the explosion of digital  photography, and in the 2000’s I began combining digital printing with other media in my workshop.  My work was shown in Galveston.
Hurricane Ike took much of my photo equipment  ending  my serious photography.
I have always been a builder; mostly odds and ends, things needed around the house: bookcases, cabinets, boxes, etc.  This interest led to welded metal, wood and metal sculpture, both “yard art” and interior pieces.  In 2011 Scott Hansen at Antique Warehouse asked me to build some chairs from repurposed lumber salvaged from old buildings in Galveston.  I have been designing, building, and repairing furniture with and for Scott and others for these past seven years.

In 2012, a show at MFAH titled Constructed Dialogues; Concrete, Geometric, and Kinetic Art from the Latin American Art Collection provided the influence for my Reflectachrome pieces.    Constructivism can be characterized by its rejection of traditional painting and sculpture in favor of a structural, non-referential language based on precisely drawn lines and planes;  Reflectachromes are my interpretation   of Constructivism. The color and shadow of these pieces appear to change with the light .

Paula Freeman, Mixed Media Artist

Rebecah Thompson, Digital Photography Artist

Susie Phillips, Photographer

I Started out as a sports photographer in Plano, TX, which I have carried over to Galveston. Moving to the island 2 ½ years ago, I enjoy taking pictures all over this beautiful island.

I have been lucky enough to have been published and won many awards.

Lara Lenhoff, Acrylic Artist

When I moved back to Dallas in 2014, I started pursuing art professionally. I was introduced to a curator of a small independent gallery who took me under her wing and gave me the opportunity to exhibit the body of work I had created since 2010. I created my first visual narrative that consisted of 7 pieces ranging in size that was a visual biography describing my family in color. When paintings from that exhibit sold, I began to take myself more seriously as an artist and painted literally every day and night for three years plus. Since this 2014 exhibit and moment of reckoning occurred, I have participated in and curated over 50 different art shows, started a mentoring company for emerging artists and photographers, and become a fundraiser with my craft for non-profit organizations. I paint live and sell raffle tickets for various non-profits, but the one I am most connected with is Life Walk, which is an organization for HIV and AIDS in the Dallas Community. This year my company, The Artsy Monkey LLC, received a third place trophy for raising funds for Life Walk, which is partnered Prism Health in North Texas. Being an artist, connecting with my community and being involved is something I take very seriously and do very passionately. Being able to help others through what I do as an artist is a blessing and an honor. I am blessed to have been invited to be a part of From the Heart Gallery in Galveston, Texas


Tere Perry, Watercolor, Acrylic & Minature Sculpting Artist


Leona Pleasant, Acrylic & Watercolor Artist

Artist & Photographer
All Original Works
Watercolor & Mixed Media
Acrylic on canvas
Pet Yacht & Home Portraits
Hand Painted Canvas Panels
Images on Wood
Collage & Photographic Cards


Connie Adcock, Acrylic & Watercolor Artist

I was a first grade teacher in Denver for many years. My approach to teaching was to combine my love of books and storytelling with my flair for art. I loved teaching the kids, and I was very proud of the stories they wrote and illustrated.

Then it was time to retire. My husband and I decided to start a new chapter in our lives by moving to Austin. In line with my notion of moving to Texas for a new adventure, I thought to myself: “Now it’s time for me to be an artist.” So I started painting every day – watercolors and acrylics mostly – and I have loved every minute of it. I’m fascinated by color and pattern, especially in nature. But I also like to create intricate, abstract patterns.
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Like everyone I suppose, the inspiration for my paintings comes from my life experiences – from travels, from the new things I have discovered in Austin, from my childhood, from my imagination. With each picture I get immersed in the emotion of the painting. These emotions run the gamut from thoughtful and introspective to exuberant and wild. Generally, I think my art expresses positive emotions. People often tell me it seems cheerful and optimistic.
I love meeting new people and talking with them. If you are an artist, I like to share ideas.


Mike Argo, Fine Art Photographer

As a B.O.I. (Born on the Island), I grew up roaming the streets and beaches of Galveston Island. I have lived on the Upper Texas Coast my entire life and love coastal living. It is my wish that through my camera lens, I can share with others the beauty of Galveston Island and the joys of coastal life. So, come on down, stay awhile.


Sheryl Lambert, Fused Glass Artist

Quotentials Fused Glass artist, Sheryl Lambert, became an artist at the age of 5 when she collected her neighbor’s driveway shells, enhanced them with crayons, and sold them back to her as “handpainted” home decor. But, it took nearly 50 years for her to realize it. Trained as a musician and elementary educator, she indulged her creative outlet through teaching gifted and talented elementary students. Throughout her career, she developed classroom techniques emphasizing creative thinking, and shared them with her colleagues through workshops and teacher inservice training. Because of her success with teaching other adults as well as her students, she was honored to have been selected as one of three finalists for Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. After a successful 30 years of teaching and encouraging her students to face their fears of failure and meet creativity head-on, she retired. it was time to practice what she had preached for all of those years.
Combining Sheryl’s love of inspirational quotations with a desire to paint, Quotentials was originally born as a decorative painting adventure. As a decorative painter, she painted murals and quotations in clients’ homes throughout the Houston area.
But, then she discovered the magic of glass. its translucence, fluidity, and play of light and color fascinated her. One afternoon of experimentation, and she was hooked. The paints and ladders were set aside, and glass became her passion. She sought out and was trained by national instructors who not only instructed her in the science of glass fusing, but inspired her to think outside the box and create unique functional and decorative glass art. Her home studio now teems with the sounds of clicking kilns, and grinding glass. Since that day, this award winning artist has been invited to display in galleries and gift shops along the gulf coast, has participated in juried art shows, and teaches glass fusing classes at Harmony Stained Glass in Pasadena, Texas.
Sheryl and her husband David split their time between their home in Missouri City, Texas and their “Heaven on Earth” in Crystal Beach.

Catherine Stroud, Acrylic Artist

Catherine Stroud was born in Aurora, Colorado in January of 1984. She graduated from the John Cooper School in the Woodlands, Texas, and carried on to achieve her BFA from Vanderbilt University, where she majored in French and the Fine Arts.
While boasting many styles, her larger acrylic pieces take inspiration from the French Impressionists and German Expressionists, touching occasionally on modern pop, utilizing raw strokes and bold color schemes to navigate her subject matter. Her compositions dance with color and line as she chooses to focus on emotional expression over realistic representation. As the great Matisse has said, “Exactitude is not truth.”
Her frequent travels have led her into the world of small-scale watercolors, where she explores detail with a little more precision.
Catherine has made Galveston her home since 2010, and has gratefully been with From the Heart since their opening in 2016.


Barbara Curtis,  Oil Artist

Formal Education:
BA University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, TX
MFA Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Raison d’etra:
My parents wanted to see the world, so I was able to experience multiple landscapes, cityscapes and cultures as a young child.  My older sister created a game of taking turns naming a subject and then we both attempting to draw it; then afterwards discussing the results and which image we thought was most successful and why.  This was the foundation of a lifetime of appreciating beauty and experiencing great joy in the making of it.
As an artist, I feel most alive when making beautiful paintings, sculpture, fashion jewelry and mixed media.  In terms of technique, I consider myself a colorist with realistic tendencies.  I take great joy in the simple pleasure of creating and then sharing my work with others.  My hope is to make the world a better place by contributing beauty and opportunities to contemplate the divine through art.


David Lambert, Photographer


David L. Lambert served 33 years as a music educator and retired as Director of Fine Arts for the Fort Bend Independent School District in 2004. David became interested in photography when he enrolled in a photography course in college.  Since that time, photography has always been a hobby/avocation that he loves.  He enjoys photography in its simplest form, but also enjoys creating photo art as well.  David prints his work on any number of media…canvas, photo paper, watercolor paper, metal and glass.  He believes that a very simple frame or no frame at all best serves his work. David’s photography can be seen regularly in “The Local”, Bolivar Peninsula’s community magazine.


Shelby Jackson, Fine Art Oil

She’s only 15 years old…. allow that to sink in for just a moment.


Mary Lou Darst, Photographer

A military dependent and a retired teacher, Mary Lou wrote a memoir of her early life, War Ready in My Father’s Shadow, and published it in September of 2011. Her father was a career Army Engineer. She traveled the world with her family as his assignments took them to Alaska, Virginia, Japan, Texas, and Germany. This candid memoir recounts her family’s life in new places and cultures following

What was it like to be a child living in Japan seven years after the war? What was it like to be living in Germany six years later? What was it like growing up between cultures?
This is the story of one family bound to service in the military at a time when the world was being redefined. The story was informed by reading her father’s WWII diary which offers a candid insight into the life of a soldier in a time of war.

While living in Galveston, Mary Lou took watercolor lessons from Sally Anderson and various art teachers at the Galveston Art League. She started taking pictures of roses in Mississippi during the golden hour with her partners’ camera and found a new way to express her love of art. She loves bright colors, and looks for relationships in forms of compositions.

She has a BA in Literature, an MS in Multicultural Studies, and a BA in Visual and Applied Design from

Kelly Halbach, Watercolor & Acrylic Artist


In my youth, the vast horizon and reddish-brown dirt of our Texas Panhandle farm was sweet home to me. My first drawing was a charcoal of my horse. But as an inland dweller longs for the ocean, so I yearned for color. Bright vibrant splashes of fuchsia, aquamarine and chartreuse stirred my soul.

Now living on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I’m inspired by the gorgeous shorebirds and scenery found on our coastline and birding trails. While I enjoy painting in oils and acrylics, I believe that watercolors best capture the softness created by the hazy sunlight of the shores. My paintings of lighthouses and our resident seabirds give a strong sense of locale. And my colorful paintings of shells, coral, seahorses and fish bring that underwater world to life on canvas.
While I’m best known for my coastal creations, I’m a versatile artist who paints the spectrum – from contemporary and abstract to whimsical and realistic. I love experimenting with colors in new styles and forms.

I’ve been fortunate to receive awards for my work from The National Society of Art, Galveston Art League and The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake. My artwork has also been featured in The Houston Chronicle, Bay Area SCENE magazine, Bay Area Houston Magazine, Life is Good magazine and Galveston’s The Islander magazine.

My series of Butler Longhorns, currently on display at the Butler Longhorn Museum, can be found in the offices of a U.S. Congressman and Texas State Representative as well as in League City Hall. My painting of the Astrovette, the special Corvette presented to each of the astronauts following the moon landing, was purchased by a NASA astronaut for his study. My work is displayed in homes and offices throughout the country.

I regularly do commissions, which have included pets, homes, boats, yachts and cars.

Jennifer Gregory Portz

Jennifer Gregory Portz is a Dallas artist working in acrylics and multi-media.
Her pieces are known by her signature eyecatching florals.
Intrigue for eyes began in 1966 amongst hindered flashcube memories of her mum from England.  In the 90s were years of professional murals, art programs for various special needs populations and a still current professional facepainting career.
One solo show in Rockwall and various sizes of group shows in Dallas..
Jennifer began painting on vintage telephones as a statement regarding technology and new way to connect/disconnect.
She survived breast cancer wearing a blue hair which granted smile relief for all.
Bluehair NOT a clown is facepaint persona.
She discovered Galveston in 2009, which led artspace at former Vanishing Point on Strand, From the HeART Gallery Galveston.
Eyes reflect, detect, and cause connect.


Lonnie Maynard, Photographer and Frame Builder

Lonnie Maynard has talent in many areas, photography being one of them. His “down-to-earth” approach to his photography comes through in his photos, which display a wide range of interests; nature, landscapes, historical sites, conventional, and whimsical. Capturing natural light and natural colors in these subjects has resulted in some very exciting art, in both vivid color and bight black whites. Lonnie Maynard resides in
Pearland, Texas.


Jessica Von Braun
World Renowned Fantasy Artist

Jessica von Braun is a Mixed Media Artist, traditional and digital painter, photo-manipulation // photo collage illustrator, sketch artist. Most pieces include all of the above techniques combined for a finished piece of artwork. Her traditional pieces vary in medium, crayon, colored pencil, watercolor, ink and acrylic. Most of her traditional pieces include all of these mediums.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA she now resides in Fort Worth, TX. Her work is sometimes cute and and sometimes melancholy, sometimes both.

Her pinup work is published by Image comics (Moriarty hardcover, Red City issue #3) and Action Lab (Zombie Tramp issue #4). She is the cover artist for The Greystone Valley Series (Grey Gecko Press) and Extra Mojo (Hidden Charms Press). Her illustrations have been featured on the Hulu original ‘Deadbeat’, and she has published work for The Stan Lee Foundation, So So Happy as well as art for performers mc chris and Rhyan Sinclair (All the Little Pieces), illustration work for Doom Ranch 5000 and is a regular designer for Chibi Essence. Her illustrated story starter book titled ‘The Dreams of the Invisible Girl’, authored by Chuck Huber, was published with Hound Comics.

She used to think that if you rode in a hot air balloon you could catch clouds in a jar, but you can’t. When she was a child she aspired to be a tree frog and would hop around her house with olives on her fingers.


Richard Williams, World Renowned Fine Artist


Richard was born at Travis A.F.B .California, in 1952.
He has lived in Ohio, Montana, Puerto Rico,
Europe, and currently in League City, Tex.

University of Maryland,
Frankfurt, Germany 1970-72
San Jacinto Junior College
Pasadena, Texas 1973-74
University of Houston
B.S. in Art Education 1976
M.F.A.. in Studio Art 1993
Parson, New York 1985
Texas Tech, Junction 1997
International Fine Arts College, Miami 1998
“I have been blessed, that my job compliments my talents.”
“If I am not producing art, I am promoting it.
If I am not promoting it, I am teaching it.
If I am not teaching it, I am learning about it.
If I am not learning about it, I am judging it.
If I am not judging it, I am producing it.”

Art is Williams’ passion as well as his vehicle through life; racing on a journey to find his purpose. Richard Williams is currently an art instructor the Alfred C. Glassell Museum School of Art, teaching 34 years. He graduated from the University of Houston with an M.F.A. in studio arts and a B.S. in art education. He has served on numerous art boards in Houston, including The Art League of Houston, The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, Artists Unlimited, a former President of the Houston Art Education Association, and as an Advisory to the Board at The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake.

Included in over 180 exhibitions and 15 solo shows in the last 40 years, Richard’s work has been displayed in Moscow, Mexico, Germany, the Cayman Islands and across the United States. Collections of his work can be seen in many top corporations, museums, institutions, and numerous private collections. Winning over 30 awards and several grants, Williams’ artwork was the featured article in the Dec. 93 issue of Museum and Arts magazine and a segment on Steve Smith’s Sunday. In May of 2001, Richard accepted a national award from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation at the National Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. In 2004; received Houston’s Art Teacher of the Year from Culture Shapers for initiating a community Memorial Mural in honor of the Columbia Crew. In 2010, he was honored as “Artist of the Year” at The Arts Alliance at Clear Lake Gala.

“I am not interested in art as a means of making a living.
I am interested in art as a means of living a life.”

John Collins, Photographer

John Collins captures the images you see in your mind that bring a smile or leave you in awe when you think of Galveston.
Born on Galveston Island, he played on the streets, beaches and bayous all his life and raised his family here.  He feels that Galveston is a beautiful, resilient, fun, and extremely unique part of the Gulf Coast and loves the people who live here, the ones who visit, and the ones who fall under the spell that Galveston is and choose to become a ‘Local’.
Showing and selling his prints as an artist is one way he gets to share the beauty of Galveston and her people. His photographs connect the viewer with the images in your mind of enjoying the Paradise that is Galveston.


Buddy Morris, Mixed Media Artist

Buddy Morris I started drawing when I was just a kid, a very young kid.  I drew cartoons on the walls of my family’s garage.  I took art classes in all grades at school and majored in Art and Photography at Sam Houston State University.  After college the closest thing I ever got to art was a draftsman and we designed a brochure  at showcase our products.  Jump ahead about 30 years and after several jobs I found myself working at an office supply company in their art department.  I would flip through their art books and decided I would give it a shot again.  My new art education began again.  I started with pencil again the pen and ink.  I drew every day and very slowly it was on again.
I am not your conventional artist and I do love abstracts and anything that is not the norm.
I went to work at the library here and they like my art and I showed there and at little at a time I sold a few pieces here and there.   I kept drawing and drawing.  Just to keep practicing.  Since I am a BOI (Born On the Island) I go there often and visit galleries and talk to owners just to get a feel of the are there.  I met 2 pretty ladies at “Affair d’ Art Gallery.  They gave me a shot with some small drawings and I sold one.  After they cancelled my contract I got very discouraged.  A couple of years later I discovered “from the heART Gallery”.  I loved this place and just fell in love with Scott and Samitha Edwards.  After meeting with Samitha and showing them some of my work she decided to take a chance on me and I certainly glad she did.  She picked out a few and hung them and actually sold 3 pieces out of the gallery before the move to the new location.
I look forward to many years with this amazing couple.  Thank you!!!


Peter Bowman, Photographer

Although Peter has taken photos since he was a teenager, it has
only been the last few years that he has exhibited and competed with his photos. He studied with Do  Anh Tuan, master Vietnamese photographer in Hanoi, Vietnam, and taught     photography at the College of the Mainland.

Peter exhibits regularly in the Galveston Art League galleries in Galveston and Texas City and with the HeART Gallery in Galveston. Dr. Bowman is retired after teaching Environmental Management at the University of Houston Clear Lake for 18 years. Prior to that he was an environmental activist with the Sierra Club for 13 years. His lifelong care for the environment hopefully manifests itself in his landscape photography.


Jill Friedman, Mixed Media Artist & Photographer

I grew up on the beach in Florida. I always loved the water. I spent my days swimming, sailing, fishing, and exploring the natural world around me.

After being sent away to high school on a large square-rigged sailing ship (so I couldn’t skip school), I decided I wanted to be a ship captain. My dream was to sail around the world and get paid for it. So I moved to Texas in 1978 to attend the Ocean Marine Technology program at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson.

I’ve kept a home base in Lake Jackson, but have been able to travel to many interesting places over the years. Until recently, I’ve spent most of my time working on the water: fishing vessels, tankers, dive boats, yachts, construction vessels, heavy lift ships, etc. I’ve traveled around the world, both for work and for fun. Mexico, Tanzania, Korea, Ireland, Singapore, China, Thailand, are all fantastic places to be. I’ve always loved photography and have taken 100’s of photos of everything I see. They’ve improved greatly with practice (and upgrading from the disposable cameras of my high school adventures on the sailing ships).

I take pictures of many different things, but concentrate on seascapes-boats, ships, offshore life-travel, animals, nature, weather, food, and architecture. I love night photography too.

I’ve had more time to spend on my art lately. I’ve always fiddled around with it- drawing, painting, writing, playing music- but haven’t really done anything with it since Jr High school. I might get bored every once in a while out on a ship somewhere and come up with something out of my head (like my pastel Red Starfish I drew while I was on a tuna boat somewhere in the South Pacific). I started taking occasional classes with Dolores Reynolds and joined the Brazosport Art League last year. I’ve been concentrating on learning how to paint water, using oil paints. I started writing a blog ( as a way to improve my writing and connect with people around the world.

I entered a couple of pastels in the Brazoria County Fair art show last year and won a couple of prizes. I’ve entered a couple of paintings in the Gallery at the Brazosport Center for Arts and Science. I’m hoping to take more classes with Dolores when summer break is over.
Between teaching (maritime) at San Jacinto Maritime College and looking for a real job back at sea, I keep busy with writing (published in Maritime Executive, Incomes Abroad, Sidelights), uploading my photos to Bigstock, Alamy, Dreamstime and other stock sites. I’m also online at Society6 and Fine Art America.


Nathan Forbes, Vegan Watercolor Artist

Nathan Forbes uses digital compositions created with found imagery as a basis for his drawing and painting practice.  His absurd, pop surrealist, figurative paintings utilize misplaced fragments of pop culture and high art iconography in nostalgic environments.  This series of work titled “Intestinal Fortitude” has the theme of Wrestling, inspired by the artist’s interest in the activity and a broader fascination with simulacra.  Materiality is an important aspect of his practice, always trying to use vegan products when possible.

Nathan has only been living on Galveston Island since March 2017, this series of work was executed in the first six months of 2018.  He is originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and this is only the second time he has shown this series of work on Turtle Island (United States).  He has exhibited work in solo and group shows throughout Aotearoa both while and since graduating from the Dunedin School of Art in 2014 with a Masters Degree in Visual Arts.  He also has done commissioned work in the form of portraits and designing logos, flyers and album cover art for several bands.

Delayne Giorfi, Mixed Media Mosaic Artist

Kimberli Reed, Pottery and Sculpture Artist

Denise Watts, Lamp Designer

Created using antique and vintage wedding dresses


Justin Howell, Wood Sulptor

A life long Houstonian,  I started carving 30 years ago. I use logs for local trees to create all creatures great and small. I have pieces in collections as far as Italy, and Mexico. I also have  pieces in the  Texas Veterans Museum in Huntsville.


Morgan Fisher, Mixed Media Artist

Painter, Paper Mache’ Sculptor, Jewelry, Photography


Bella Alvarado, Mixed Media Artist


13 years old…. amazing artist from my Gallery Children’s Art Class.  First time hanging in a gallery, Bella SOLD OUT on the first night in less than 2 hours! …. Yes, THAT Amazing!


Kellie Rooks, Anime, Comic & Fantasy Artist

I’ve been doodling since I was very young and I never stopped. Art has always been an amazing form of self expression for me.  I’m mainly inspired by life in general and the world around me. It is my belief that art speaks when words fail us.


Amber Kilgariff, Chain Maille Designer

I grew up in foster care in washington state and had to find an outlet so I turned to photography. I found my calling in chainmaile jewelry in my 20’s at a local renaissance faire. I still dabble in photography however my mind is dedicated to chainmaile. I moved to Galveston Texas 12 years ago for my husband whom I have known since elementary school.(our mothers are best friends), He is a local fishing charter captain who is my biggest supporter and my biggest critic. I spend most days at the beach with my kids and kits and camera. When I’m not at the beach or I’m at the docks working on chainmaile or I am at home working on my chainmaile and doing fun DIY projects
with my kids. My goal is get up enough courage to try selling my wares at the local renaissance faires here in Texas. For now I am perfectly happy here at From the HeART Gallery.


Patricia Curtis, Jewelry Designer

Colorful gemstone beads and mixed metals are carefully combined in the work of jewelry designer Patricia Curtis.   Born and raised in Texas, Patricia holds a degree in fashion design and a law degree.   While still working as a practice attorney, in 2009 she began designing and making custom jewelry for marathon runners.  She quickly expanded her work to include hand crafted pieces made from various types of metal clay and gemstones.   As a part time coastal resident, many of her designs are inspired from the flora and fauna of the sea.


Jerrolyn Travers, Jewelry Designer
& Acrylic Artist

I am a Retired Medical Technologist who took up Acrylic Painting six years ago.  Pam Hatch was my first teacher in the beginning of my interest in Acrylics.  I then started taking lessons at College on the Mainland 50 Plus program.  There have been several art teacher with the college of the mainland.
My interest grew to beading and later to Oil painting.  With plenty of time on my hands I have shown art with  College of the Mainland, Galveston art league and Texas City convention festival.  I love color and paint Flowers, Birds and Landscape.

Sarah Langner, Wire Wrapping Jewelry Designer

This amazing and life-changing journey all started when I came across a DIY bangle project I saw on Pinterest! But to be honest, the universe knew my calling  before I even realized it myself. Growing up, I’ve always had an immense interest in the Arts. Graduating college with an Art Therapy degree expands my passion for it even further.  I’ve explored many different forms of art from drawing, painting, pottery, etching, to photography. And, although I love them all, I’ve always excelled and had profound love for designing and creating jewelry.
I was completely baffled and smittened when I came across my first piece of wire wrapped jewelry back in November of 2016.  Fast forward a few years, through endless practice, trials and errors, I’ve come a long way. For a whole year, I literally practiced weaving everyday and I can honestly say, it is one of my most prized accomplishments. I devote a lot of time and effort into my work. Everyday I continue to learn and grow, and I welcome new challenges.
Today I specialize in handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry and I love creating unique, meaningful, timeless, and beautiful pieces. I am a self-taught jewelry artist who cannot express enough how much passion I have for this art. Every single day, I am actively doing art therapy. It is the most peaceful and exhilarating feeling when I am consumed in my work.
Every piece of jewelry you purchase is handmade by me in my humble studio at my home. I primarily work with semi to precious stones. I work with many different metals from copper, sterling silver, gold filled, brass, to silver plated wires. I work with a lot of stones that have certain qualities and meanings to them, so I do believe that sometimes our jewelry choose us. Perhaps we are drawn to certain pieces because of what each gem or stone offers us.
Every piece of jewelry I create is out of love, and passion. There is a lot of time, joy, and dedication i put into them. For every piece of jewelry you add to your collection, I hope you can connect to that love and passion.  And if you do, I am forever blessed and grateful.


Gregg Optekamp, Mixed Media Artist


Dianne Duggan, Acrylic and Alcohol Ink Artist


Maria Grummons, Acrylic Artist


Eugene McMillin, Photographer


Mike Quinn, Mixed Media 3D Artist



Catherine Hess, Silk Floral Designer
& Mixed Media Artist


Samitha Edwards, Owner, Mixed Media Artist, Jewelry Designer & Cigar Box Purse Designer

Living my Dream


Scott Edwards, Owner, Fine Art Photographer, & Lamp Designer