Connie Adcock

I was a first grade teacher in Denver for many years. My approach to teaching was to combine my love of books and storytelling with my flair for art. I loved teaching the kids, and I was very proud of the stories they wrote and illustrated.

Then it was time to retire. My husband and I decided to start a new chapter in our lives by moving to Austin. In line with my notion of moving to Texas for a new adventure, I thought to myself: “Now it’s time for me to be an artist.” So I started painting every day – watercolors and acrylics mostly – and I have loved every minute of it. I’m fascinated by color and pattern, especially in nature. But I also like to create intricate, abstract patterns.
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Like everyone I suppose, the inspiration for my paintings comes from my life experiences – from travels, from the new things I have discovered in Austin, from my childhood, from my imagination. With each picture I get immersed in the emotion of the painting. These emotions run the gamut from thoughtful and introspective to exuberant and wild. Generally, I think my art expresses positive emotions. People often tell me it seems cheerful and optimistic.

I love meeting new people and talking with them. If you are an artist, I like to share ideas.