Jennifer Portz

Jennifer Gregory Portz is a Dallas artist working in acrylics with multi-media. Her pieces are known by her signature eyeflowers.
Youth was spent making art, leading to Fred Jones Fine Arts at Oklahoma University as a Painting Major for three years.
Intrigue for eyes began in 1966 amongst flashcubes whilst turning 4 and learning of her mum’s demise to carcinoma.
Jennifer’s florals made up of eyes are not looming at viewers whatsoever, but rather the opposite occurs.
During the 90s she was a professional muralist, created art programs for various special needs populations, and began a professional face painting career.
She has had a solo show in Rockwall, various sizes of group shows in Dallas, most notably in Kettle Gallery, curated in Fractal Logic 2 by George Fowler.
Jennifer began painting on vintage telephones as a statement regarding technology and new way to connect/disconnect.
She battled cancer wearing a blue wig which granted personal vibrancy endurance and caused smiles for all concerned.
She discovered Galveston in 2009 and a connection to the island ensued, which led to finding art space in a heartfelt island gallery.
Her works will be available in Textile soon in 2017.
Eyes reflect, detect, and cause connect. #flashcubememories #eyesurvive #eyepreferthevoice
Available pieces: Kettle Gallery Dallas, From the HeART Gallery Galveston
Affiliations: Art Conspiracy of Dallas, Bridge Breast of Baylor Dallas, Ultra Violet Rock Show for CF, Rockwall Women’s League
Photo Credit top heading close-up of Eye Survive from Fractal Logic2 by Lauren Shafer

  • Jennifer Portz - Eye Survived