Kelly Stewart

Born: Houston, Texas Education: Indianapolis Art Center, William Holland School of Lapidary Arts
I enjoy creating with acrylic, oil, watercolor while using a variety of mixed medium that incorporate techniques of metalsmithing, jewelry design and painting. My passion for color and texture has led to my current focus of acrylic with mixed mediums.
In 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare disease that threatens my eyesight. After two years of experimental treatments and the loss of my peripheral vision, I turned to a more holistic approach and faith. For therapy, I picked up a paintbrush and have been painting ever since.
I was not able to foster my artistic ability until now. Finally, a full time artist! The peace and joy that painting brings has been therapeutic for me. My best work is when I have no composition in mind and just let pure color dance around on the canvas until it finds its place. Painting allows me to express my emotions which at times seem to be all over the place, making it difficult to label me with a certain style. Life is my inspiration and though my style leans towards abstract; I am drawn to all styles.

  • Kelly Stewart - The Diver