Lulu Benavidez

LuLu Benavidez is an internationally renowned leader, educator, entrepreneur and innovator in the beauty industry. Her commitment to excellence as a business owner, her dynamic presence as a platform artist and lecturer, her technical expertise, and her artistic creativity has inspired thousands of her fellow professionals.
For over thirty years, LuLu has dedicated herself to the growth and improvement of the beauty industry across the globe. She’s been instrumental in the development of the Matrix CRAFT Cutting System, which she uses as the standard of training for her staff. She serves on the Artistic Council for Evolve a hair integration system and has been recognized by such leading manufacturers as Zoto’s, Daniel Galvan Color, Wella, and Matrix for her conception and launching of total trend releases and development of technical systems. Her hair creations have appeared in over sixty issues of leading international fashion journals, most recently in Salon Plus and Vibra Salon.
LuLu strives to stay abreast of trends, techniques, styles, innovations, and technology through her high level of involvement in the Latino Fashion Group. She’s a founding member, board member, and past First Vice President of the prestigious Professional Beauty Association (PBA), formerly The Salon Association (TSA). Her dedication to the beauty industry has earned her induction into the most influential, and prestigious organization in hairdressing, Intercoiffure USA.
At the urging of other beauty industry leaders, Lulu began lecturing and is now an accomplished and dynamic platform artist, lecturer, and teacher. She lectures and performs across North America, Europe, and Asia and is the featured artist on the main stage for many leading international beauty shows.
As a stylist, LuLu is considered one of the best in the Harris-Galveston County area. With a star list including the B-52’s, Wilson Phillips, and Chef Robert Ervine, the Galveston Opera House calls her its “Hairdresser to the Stars.” LuLu’s so well known, she was even called on to style Laura Bush’s hair, on the First Lady’s visit to Galveston for the commissioning of the USS Texas submarine.
Fascinated by the visual arts, and, as an outlet for her creativity and artistic skills, LuLu began to experiment with the different mediums of painting, drawing, photography and mixed media. She discovered in herself a real passion for the abstract and a desire to create vibrant art that forces the viewer’s eye out of its comfort zone.
Through her use of vibrant colors, contrasts, and multi-layering, LuLu likes to create works that involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical. She believes in the idea of function that follows form, movement and texture, just as she does when working with hair. Whether the medium is paint, charcoal, ink, photography, or a client’s hair, LuLu strives to create beauty.

  • Lulu Benavidez